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Welcome to my personal website

My private site 

Stay safe everybody

  Hi everyone, This is a new website I've built and some parts are still under construction, If you find anything that could do with a tweak or altering or an idea that I might like then click Here to inform or advise me.

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  Use the left column to navigate to any page on this site like 'About Me' to 'Contact Me'. This site is Computer Tablet Phone & iPhone friendly and is Landscape & Portrait friendly. On some devices you may have to tilt your device landscape to view left column ( page navigate buttons ).

  I will put lots of links that you can click on and enjoy a little about what I like and what I enjoy doing and things I don't like. You will not get bored as there will be plenty to look at and I will be adding things continuously. You can't get lost as the left side ( page navigate buttons ) of all the pages are the same and if you are viewing this website on a small device then the page selections I mention to be on the left hand column won't be there. There will be three small horizontal lines in a small box at the top right of each page instead. Outside links will open in another browsing tab for your convenience and YouTube windows can be enlarged to full screen the same normal way at the bottom right corner of the YouTube windows. There is more to come as I get some more time.

  There will be lots for me to do on this website so you won't see much just now but I will be adding things regularly, as this is my fifth session on the development of my website. In this website you can learn about me, like things I'm interested in and experiences in my life, things like Electronics, Mechanics, Car diagnostics, Engine performance programming, Engineering, Physics, Astronomy, Armchair stargazing, Radio, Cooking, Quantum physics, Quantum mechanics, Computing, all sorts of driving, where we came from, slagging off the Koran and slagging off Islam, etcetera etcetera.

The donate button is not for begging ( like Britain First ha-ha ) but a convenient way for people to pay money into my PayPal account for whatever.

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