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A little about me, This is the page where I describe myself in more detail.

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 Well My DOB is 24th December 1960 but still as young as ever. I was born in Coventry and was there for the first 1/2 of my childhood, then moved to Dunbar in Scotland where I finished Grammar school, then back down to Coventry to go to college and start my careers, I have lived in various places in Scotland, I've lived in Dunbar Eastlothian, Hopeman Morayshire, Shalloch by Mulben, now I'm living in Nuneaton Nr Coventry.  A little about the type of person I am, I'm a happy genuine kind and every one says I'm too nice a person. I like to make people happy and help people. I dislike dishonesty - in fact I hate it - and lies and deceit, they are the few things that do make me mad. I like to listen to what people have to say. I'm also very emotional and love emotions. I like to better my personality as life goes on, mostly through experience. I have lived a full life and will continue for the rest of my life. Cooking is something that I enjoy. I like to experiment with food, cooking is a science, once you learn the rules of cooking you then know how to break them. Everything I cook people seem to enjoy, so I must be doing something right! I like to learn from other people different methods and techniques. What a job!


 I have lots of skills that I have worked very hard to master and I'm very proud of. They include: Electronics technician, Mechanics, Engineering, Design & Fabricating of all types of machinery large and smal. I also like to keep up with technology. I have done some inspection work on the completions of different oil rigs around the world and at the moment I am concentrating on the re-invention of the combustion engine which is now being done. I enjoy my work and I am very proud of it all, I'm greedy for knowledge I think it is like a drug and I can't get enough of it, I like to give it to other people, someone showed me a link of some thoughts I have myself hear.

I'd like to thank all of you that have trusted my skills and knowledge in working with you and for all the experience and fulfilling my skills in the different fields of work.

 As for the kind of work I have done in the past, it has been busy. First of all I started doing house and factory re-wiring, then Mechanical work on cars, vans, buses and Lorries, then work got a bit cleaner and I did electrical & electronic repairs: washing machines, fridges etc and all brown goods such as TV, video hi-fi, computers so on and so on. As I was sitting at the bench all the time I started to put weight on and I had to continue with weight training. I came 9th two times in the heavy weight championship in the Midlands. Then I got the bug to do security work for a few years and did personal body guard work for stars and others. Then I got the bug for the big stuff and started building machines and big processing plants and other peoples inventions. Lots of my work went abroad to be manufactured. Then a little work round the world inspecting completions on oil rigs. Now I am re-inventing the combustion engine which will be environmentally friendly, more efficient, run on faster burning fuels and run a lot quicker. The design is complete, so now I am building it. When that is done I will take up another trade and master something different... I'd love to master where we come from.

A smal note on racism

 I'd like to point out that I'm fare from being racist, I have very good friends from all round the world, but you will see in my website I've made links on slagging off Islam and the Koran (the book of death to all none believers in Islam (none Muslims)) and the false prophet Muhammad the animal shagging racist Pheidofile and his flying donkey, Islam is not a religion or nation it's a cult so you can't be racist to Islam, and for the Koran well not even as a use for bog roll as the sewerage can't cope with that kind of shit, I must say it is a good firefighter for a barbecue.



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